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TVII Tablet: 323
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Title: Letter referring to money and accounts
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence



1 ] · offici · erat · inposuisse
n 2 ]uilitatis · est · quas · tamen
n 3 ]hi ternis · uictoriatis
n 4 ]ntatas · ex ratiunculis
n 5 ].[ c.5 ].[..]..bimo
. . . . . . . .



2          uilitatis: this could be left as it stands or supplemented as ci]uilitatis.

3          mi]hi ternis uictoriatis: we considered this reading in the ed. pr. and it is adopted in CEL; it now seems more plausible though the absence of interpunct is noteworthy for this hand. For the phrase ternis uictoriatis see Cicero, pro Font. 9.19. For a reference to "small change" (aere minuto) see 327.2-3.

4          ]ntatas: there are many possible supplements, e.g. arge]ntatas.
ex, which we suggested in the note to the ed. pr., is adopted by CEL and we think it likely to be correct.

5          At the end ] is also possible.

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