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TVII Tablet: 325
Search Result: 1
Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence



n 1 ].ius Fontanus [ su]o
n 2 [salut]em
3 traces
. . . . . . .
4 piscam te p.[
5 quam me ips[um
6 instruere me[
. . . . . .
7 ].s..nió Ni..o[
. . . . . .



2          sa]l[utem, suggested in CEL 110, is impossible because of the spacing.

1          Presumably we have the first person singular of the future indicative or present subjunctive of concupisco. TLL IV 106.21-4 gives examples of this verb with accusative and infinitive.

Back          ]issinio Ni..o, ed. pr. The second surviving letter is certainly s and this seems to be followed by i corrected to c; the first surviving letter must be i or u, and this suggests that either Priscinius or Fuscinius is possible; NPEL cites both for Gallia Belgica. Nis.o, suggested in CEL 110, looks plausible; of the cognomina cited in NPEL we note Nisus and Ninsus; Nisso could be read, perhaps as a form of one of these names. It is not possible to read the name of the recipient of 312.

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