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TVII Tablet: 334
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Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


Three joining fragments of a letter. Little can be gleaned from the content. The somewhat "old-fashioned" hand is of palaeographical interest, especially the form of r.


. . . . . .
1 traces
2 ]. saluto et indico [
n 3 ] audientibus cum p[
4 sc]ripseras pa.[
n 5 ] superi uis[
6 ].uismiterdi.[
. . . . . .



3          cum p[: alternatively perhaps comp[.

5          There seems to be more than superius (which would be more likely to be the adverb than the rare gentilicium); superi might be the genitive of the cognomen Super (cf. 213.1, 255.i.1).

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