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TVII Tablet: 338
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Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


A fragment which belongs to the right-hand portion of a diptych and may have remains of a notch in the right-hand edge. On the front are abraded remains of four lines of a letter and on the back remains of an address.


. . . . .
1 traces
2 alique...em
3 traces rm..i
4 traces quam
. . . . .
n 1 Vindol ·..[
n 2 traces
. . . .



Back 1          Vindol is followed by a medial point, which makes it impossible to read Vindolan[. The l has a very long descender. For the abbreviation cf. 343.back 46.

Back 2          Only the tops of letters survive; they are compatible with Fla[uio but do not exclude other readings.

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