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TVII Tablet: 339
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Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


A fragment of a tablet containing the remains of four lines of a letter written in a good hand. The fragmentary content suggests a possible legal context (see line 4, note). There is an interpunct between me and ba in line 3 and another before et in the same line. The form of a, with a hook at the top, at the end of line 3 is notable.


. . . . . . .
1 ].[
n 2 ]f.s..rtitionem
3 ]. · et suasit me · ba-
n 4 ]..scribtio
. . . .



2          The word subscriptionem (cf. line 4) cannot be read here. The traces after ]f.s are compatible with partitionem but there are other possibilities.

4          Before scribtio we have what is very probably the top of b and the traces before this permit s]ubscribtio (for the orthography see OLD, s.v.). This suggests that the content may be connected with legal matters (cf. perhaps 317).

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