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TVII Tablet: 340
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Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


A fragment of a tablet containing part of a letter. Though the content is exiguous, the tablet is of some interest because it has writing on both sides of the leaf, almost certainly by the same hand. There is no way of knowing, however, which is front and which back, or whether it was a letter sent to Vindolanda, or a draft written by someone at Vindolanda.


1 ].[
n 2 ]a..utem
n 3 ] libente[r
4 ] traces [
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
n 1 ].i.en.m traces [
2 ].s praestare parati
n 3 ]..... duos .antum
4 ].[.].[.]
. . . . . .



A 2          It does not seem possible to read salutem here.

A 3          ti]bi tam libente[r might be envisaged but it is not clear what is ink and what is dirt.

B 1          q]uid enim is possible.

B 3          Presumably tantum at the end but the first t is difficult; the tall second t is an interesting form, with a curved cross-stroke.

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