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TVII Tablet: 341
Search Result: 1
Title: Letter from Trophimus
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence



. . . . .
1 traces
n 2 ]imo karisime
. . . . .
n 1 ]....[
n 2 ab Trophim[o
3 conlega



2          ]imo is unlikely in this position (so CEL) but we do not think it is possible to read dom]ine (CEL 112, note ad loc.).

Back 1          Trophimo, CEL. We can see no trace of o.

Back 2          conlega: see our note in the ed. pr. and the note on CEL 177.3. It is clear that the term can be used between officers (cf. 260.back, 345.back) or others of equal rank or status. Trophimus is a common servile name and we wonder whether conlega is here used between slaves (cf. Plautus, Asin. 556, 576).

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