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TVII Tablet: 342
Search Result: 1
Title: Letter
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


Perhaps part of the left-hand side of a letter.


. . . . . .
1 traces
2 ].amus rogamus
n 3 ].fectu necessita-
n 4 ].tris ignoscas
n 5 ]s..e........
. . . . . .



3          Perhaps a]dfectu, with the meaning "intention" or "purpose" (see OLD, s.v.7), which we prefer to defectu or profectu suggested in CEL.

4          ue]stris or no]stris is possible. The sentence rogamus ut adfectu necessitatibus nostris ignoscas would make good sense.

5          [ ], CEL. This reading is possible but does not seem to us probable.

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