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TVII Tablet: 348
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Title: Letter concerning foodstuffs
Category: Miscellaneous correspondence


A fragment containing five lines of a letter, perhaps concerning the sale of the cereal braces (cf. 343.iii.25, 191.16).


. . . . . . . . .
n 1 traces fecisse c..[
n 2 de brace qu.. adscribis uen-
3 dendam adhuc mem...em
4 c.15 u..a
5 traces
. . . . . . . . .


"... to have done ... about the braces, which you are assigning (?) for sale ..."


1          At the end it looks most like cu.; there may be three or four letters lost after this.

2          brace is certain. After that, the construction seems to require quam but the reading of the letters after qu is extremely uncertain.
adscribis: this seems a slightly odd verb to use here. Note perhaps Digest, si ita scripsit "ne eum alienes" "ne eum uendes", idem erit dicendum si modo hoc modo fuerit adscriptum, quod uoluerit eum testata ad libertatem perduci, where the word seems to mean "to add as a title" to a sale or "write something additional".

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