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Tablet 349

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Vindolanda Inventory No. 87.806


A fragment of the right-hand portion of a diptych containing seven lines of a letter. There are further traces at the left of two lines written in the margin at a right-angle to the main text and perhaps also of the ends of two lines of the left-hand column. There are remains of an address on the back. The name of the addressee does not survive but the sender of the letter has the cognomen Fatalis. He may be the same person as the Fatalis mentioned in 343.ii.22 in the context of a financial transaction. A.R.Birley (1991), 93 suggested that that person might be Claudius Fatalis, who is known to have served three terms as a centurion in British legions; the hypothesis might equally be applied to the Fatalis of 349 but the traces of the antepenultimate letter of the gentilicium do not favour d (see note to the back). The content is obscure but Fatalis may be promising to be somewhere on the Nones of a month and asking the recipient to explain something to him and to a certain Severus.

. . . . . . .
1 traces
n 2 di propiti sunt .[
n 3 futurus Nonis .[
n 4 uelim mihi ...[
n 5 ria explices ....[
n 6 Seuero explica salut[
7 tuberna[
1 ].b.s · ual(e)
2 ]e
. . . .
n 1 ].io Fatale


"... if the gods are propitious ... I (?) will be ... on the Nones of ... Please explain to me ... explain to Severus ... Greet your (?) messmates ... Farewell, dearest brother (?). (Back) ... from ...ius Fatalis."