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TVII Tablet: 479
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Title: Account
Category: Descripta


Two non-joining fragments of an account, both complete at the right. (b) comes from the top of a leaf, shows a notch and tie-hole and has parts of 10 lines. (c) may well be the bottom half of the same leaf and has parts of 9 lines. However, so little survives of each line that we cannot be certain that they are all in the same hand. It is possible, however, that they are, and that the hand is the same as that in 191, 194-7; but these fragments are probably not part of any of those accounts. The frequent use of the apex mark is noteworthy.


n 1 ]. Ianuar( )
n 2 ]ná
n 3 ]nst.s
4 á
n 5 m
n 6 s in lan.bá
7 ]s
8 ].
9 ]st
10 10 ]t.
. . . . . .
. . . . .
1 ].i..
n 2 ]ar
n 3 ]s pru..
n 4 ]. iiii
5 ]m cum
n 6
7 ] ii
8 ]orum
9 ]ló



b 1          Probably Kalendi]s, Noni]s or Idibu]s.

b 2          Or ]ria.

b 3          It would be also be possible to read ]nestu, with a large apex mark over u.

b 5          We do not expect an apex-like mark after m in an account, and so we should perhaps read ].a.

b 6          in lancibus does not seem a possible reading unless we suppose some correction or erasure at the end and an abbreviation, i.e. in lancib[[.]](us).

c 2         

c 3          ]stru is also possible, but hardly ]strum.

c 4          Perhaps ]viiii.

c 6          Line 6 and 9: Possibly a proper name; cf. 196.12, 15 (though cum in the present text suggests a different construction).

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