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TVII Tablet: 493
Search Result: 1
Title: Account
Category: Descripta


Three non-joining fragments of an account written across the grain. (a) has a tie-hole visible and is from the top of a diptych; it has parts of five lines. (b) is a small piece with remains of four lines. (c), which has two tie-holes, is clearly from the bottom; it has remains of (probably) eight lines, but is too abraded to be legible.


n 1 ] c[
n 2 ]eb.r...[
3 traces
4 ].oris in [
5 ] (den.) i s(emissem) (assem i) [
. . . . .
. . . . . .
1 ] (denari-) s(emissem) (assem i) [
2 traces
3 ] (denarios) vi [
n 4 ] (asses) iii.[
. . . . . .



a 1          tio could be read for no but ratio is impossible.

a 2          Perhaps no letter lost between b and r; F]ebruar[i- is therefore possible but is not an easy reading. Line 4: coris (cf. 154.7 and note) is not impossible but is not probable.

b 4          The as symbol also occurs in c.3; here it appears to be followed by a symbol unlike any other we have seen in the tablets (but there is no certainty that all the traces on the photograph are ink).

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