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TVII Tablet: 495
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Title: Account?
Category: Descripta


Eleven abraded lines, written in a thick, rather ugly, script. Written across the grain and presumably part of an account, though we have been unable to establish anything definite (cf. also the note to line 11).


. . . . .
1 ] traces
n 2 ].erim[
3 ] traces
4 ].e.ur[
n 5 ]cia · rogi[
n 6 ]mmandes[ ]..nituo[
7 traces
8 ]..simm..[
n 9 10 ]am · expl[
10 ].uale [
. . . . .



2          per and a personal name (cf. 186) is not impossible.

5          The interpunct seems clear, but a word beginning rogi (or roci) is not attractive.

6          marides could be read but we can find no suitable word with such an ending.

9          The traces are so badly preserved that we would not wish to rule out the reading p]er Simile[m (cf. 186.22), though it does not seem probable.

11          It is possible that nothing is written before or after uale, but it would be unparalleled for a letter to be written across the grain or for a writer to add uale at the foot of an account; we think it more probable that uale is part of a longer word.

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