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Tablet 510

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TVI Publication No. 8

Vindolanda Inventory No. 54


Two joining fragments containing several lines of an account written across the grain of the wood and parallel to the short edge of the tablet. The back is blank. It is unfortunately impossible to be certain of the real nature of the text since it is so fragmentary (No. 19, even more fragmentary, might be similar). Most of the lines contain numbers; there is one possible denarius sign and several abbreviations, the meaning of which is not at all clear. Perhaps a comparison might be made with RMR 129 (= ChLA 272), which Marichal thought might be a record of deposits or expenses incurred on a mission. But, given that the denarius sign does not appear regularly before the numbers in our text, we remain totally uncertain of its nature.

1 ]x
2 ]xxxii
n 3 ]xx m iii
n 4 ]. (denarios) lxi
n 5 ].i cccx
n 6 ] s(emissem) (quadrantem) (asses iii) s(emissem).
7 ]…
8 ]xii
9 ]xvii
n 10 10].ii · c · xvi[
11 ]..xiva.[
n 12 ]ii dclxx. [
. . . .