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TVII Tablet: 511
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Title: Descriptum
Category: Descripta


This may be part of a report of the same type as 127-153. The other small fragment in this group (546) could belong with this text since the hand is not dissimilar, but there is no more positive reason to connect it.


. . . .
1 ].[.].[...]..
n 2 coh vii[
. . . .



2          There is no abbreviation mark after coh. The numeral has a long horizontal stroke above it and two parallel strokes running diagonally up to the right. A similar mark is found over i (numeral) in ChLA 455.1, probably as part of the phrase co]h(ors) i. The numeral should presumably be restored as vii[ii. We have no means of knowing whether this is part of an official document or a letter.

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