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TVII Tablet: 521
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Title: Descriptum
Category: Descripta


A fragment of a letter which is of lexicographical importance since it offers testimony for a word sagacias. The back of the fragment is blank. The hand is a fairly clear and ordinary cursive. As far as the exiguous content is concerned, it should perhaps be compared with 346 which refers to the despatch or purchase of various items of clothing.


. . . . . . . . .
n 1 traces
n 2 ]sagacias duas et l[
3 ...].[..].[.].cotidian[
. . . . . . . . .



1          sagacias: we are confident of the reading of this word (for the morphology see above p. 74). The files of TLL produce but one instance of the word sagaceus, Columella 11.1.21, frigoribus et imbribus, quae utraque prohibentur optime pellibus manicatis et sagaceis cucullis; the last two words must refer to cloaks with hoods attached to them. The word is obviously appropriate to the context of military clothing, cf. Cicero, ad fam.7.10.2, ualde metuo ne frigeas in hibernis . . . praesertim qui sagis non abundares. In view of the location of the text in the north-western part of the Empire it is interesting that Polybius (2.28.7, 30.1) relates the use of the sagum to Celtic (Gallic) tribes. On military clothing in general see E. Sander, Historia 12 (1963), pp.144-66. et l[, CEL.

2          ....[.]. cotidian[, CEL.

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