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TVII Tablet: 522
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Title: Letter
Category: Descripta


Two joining fragments with parts of three lines of a letter. No connected sense can be recovered from the small amount of text. The back is blank. The hand has a somewhat cumbersome look; note a in three and m in four strokes, and n with the cross-stroke starting well to the left of the first hasta. There is an example of the medial point after facis in line 2 and perhaps also after um in line 1.


. . . . . .
n 1 ]… ego[
n 2 ]non magni facis · ne pud[
n 3 ]……..e.a.tetur…[
. . . . .



1          ] quantum is a possible reading at the beginning of the line.

2          non magni facis: see OLD s. v. magnus, 4b. What follows is presumably a case of pudor or a tense of pudet. There is an interpunct after facis.

3          Only the tops of letters survive at the beginning of the line. The most promising reading for what follows is captetur.

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