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Volume One (TVI) material for tablet 152 (TVI tablet number 47)


References: Bowman-Thomas, VWT, pl. x Birley, Vindolanda, pl. 82 Thomas, Scriptorium 30 (1976), p.41, pl. 6a

This fragment contains remains of two lines of writing which give us no clue to the content of the text. But the writing is of very great interest (see Vol. 1., Ch. 4). The letters are elegantly formed and the writer has consistently used both thick and thin strokes of the pen. From a calligraphic point of view we can confidently describe this as the best hand in the collection. The marked space between words, even between the monosyllable et and the word following (line 1), is noteworthy.



1. The right-hand stroke of the first letter resembles r in some hands; we have preferred to read b because of the way in which the left stroke of the letter hooks to the right, which is characteristic of the ‘panse’ in b. But we have so little of the hand for comparison that runt cannot be ruled out as a possible reading. Either reading will be a verbal ending.

2. uitiauit is a persuasive reading. Before it only the tops of letters survive.