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Volume One (TVI) material for tablet 199 (TVI tablet number 7)


Reference: Bowman-Thomas, Historia 24 (1975), p.476

A fragment containing three lines of an account in denarii, headed by a date and mentioning an adiutor. The back of the tablet is blank. The phrase in line 3 suggests that we have a document comparable to No. 4 (190), as does the date-heading (but note that No. 7 (199) gives the day only and not the month). It is quite certain that No. 7 (199) is not part of the same series of accounts as No. 4 (190) since it is written along and not across the grain; but it is quite possible that it was written by the same hand as the major part of No. 4 (190). The writing in lines 1 and 3 looks very like that in No. 4.10 ff., especially the idiosyncratic r in priuatum (on which see No. 4 introductory comments (190)), but the letter-forms in line 2 are not so similar; note in particular the form of u made in a rather angular shape with the first stroke being little more than a horizontal line.



1. The digits all have a marked serif at the top right as in No. 4.23 etc (190). It is noticeable that the two examples of n in novas are written differently.

2. Perhaps traces of one or two letters before adiutor; u is rather angular, made in two strokes. The digit following the denarius sign might be i or s(emis).

3. per priuat[um; on this phrase see No. 4, introductory comments (190).