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Volume One (TVI) material for tablet 270 (TVI tablet number 24)


Four joining fragments of a diptych containing parts of two columns of a letter addressed to Cerialis. The format is the normal one for a letter, and we have only the central portion consisting of the ends of the lines in the left-hand column and the beginnings of the lines in the right. The extent of the loss can be gauged from the fact that the whole of the writer's name is missing at the left. There is no real clue at all to the content of the letter. There are possible traces of an address on the back of the right-hand portion.



1. There is a space of 1.5 cm before Ceriali but no trace of the writer's name.

3. The trace before n would suit e and many possible restorations could be envisaged, e.g. the phrase paenitentiam agere.

5. Perhaps restore hau]d moram fecit.

7. Cf. perhaps the name Licinius Asper in No. 10 (224).

8. Presumably part of a verb, e.g. cen-]/sebam[us.

12. Below this line the tablet appears to be blank, which suggests that this was the end of the letter.