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Volume One (TVI) material for tablet 342 (TVI tablet number 46)


Three joining fragments containing parts of five lines of a letter in which the writer appears to be asking for indulgence from the addressee. The leaf is incomplete at the top, bottom and left-hand side. The fact that the lines stop short of the right-hand edge suggests that it is complete here and that we have the right-hand portion of a diptych. There is no trace of an address on the back where we would expect to find it, but since half the column is probably lost it may well have been there originally. The hand is a competent cursive, whose only feature of note is a marked space between the words.



1. Only the bottoms of letters are visible and they are very faded. Any reading would be pure guesswork.

3. a]dfectu is not certain but we think the f is a good reading.

4. u]estris or n]ostris is possible.