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Collected on this page are all news items past and present relating to this site.



Latest News

Site Updates.

Redirect rule added to allow online editions of individual tablets to be cited with compact URL: e.g., for Tab. Vindol. II 291.

October 2003

Site Updates.

Various minor changes and corrections added in October 2003. The URL path for all references has been modified to eliminate references to port: 8080.

March 2003

Vindolanda Tablets Online launched.

Vindolanda Tablets Online was officially launched on 20th March 2003.

February 2000

Digitising commences

In February 2000 Dr. John Pearce began a programme of digitally photographing all the ink tablets from Vindolanda at the British Museum store in the Old Post Office Building in Blythe Road, Hammersmith, as part of the AHRB-funded Vindolanda Writing Tablets project.

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