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'Ancient documents' lists links to other types of ancient documents online, such as inscriptions and papyri. 'Roman Britain and its northern frontiers' lists links on topics related to the archaeological site at Vindolanda, Roman Britain's northern frontier and the province in general and gives a small set of links to the wider Roman world. 'Reference' lists links to sites that include further information on the topics covered in the 'reference' section, for example names, dates, and currency. Resources listed in these links were available online in August 2002. 'Minimus' provides details of Minimus, an introductory Latin course for 7-10 year olds, based on the contents of the Vindolanda tablets. The links represent only a small selection from material available online. Gateways to subject areas and fuller sets of links are also signposted. Suggestions for further reading on similar topics are also given.



The links listed below represent a small selection of the material available online. Gateways to subject areas and sites providing fuller sets of links are signposted. Suggestions for introductory reading are also given.

Ancient Documents

Roman Britain and its northern frontiers

'Reference' (names, dates, currencyÖ)


Further reading


Ancient documents

The links listed below introduce some of the other categories of documents from the ancient world, both from individual sites and from museum and library collections. For a large collection of links to papyri and inscription online, pleae refer to the CSAD links page.

Inscriptions on stone


Military diplomas

Graffiti and stamps on pottery, amphorae and bricks

Curse tablets and magical papyri


Inscriptions on stone

Hunterian Museum (Virtual tour of museum collection includes texts and spoken versions of inscriptions).

Lacus Curtius (includes an introduction to Latin epigraphy)

Noctes Gallicanae (introduction to epigraphy with many examples) (French)

Pyrrha (introduction to funerary inscriptions)

Roman Inscriptions of Britain (texts only, plus a brief guide to reading inscriptions)

R?mische Inschriften in Germanien (includes an illustrated introduction to Latin inscriptions (section 4 - German))



The Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran (images of the scrolls and artefacts from the site)

The Duke Papyrus Archive ('Browse the archive')

The Michigan papyri 'Snapshots of daily life'

University of Michigan - 'From Papyri to King James: The Transmission of the English Bible' (follow the link to events and exhibits)

The Oxyrhynchus papyrus collection (an online exhibition)

D. Binder's introduction to papyrology


Military diplomas

Roman Numismatic Gallery (follow link to diplomas)

Slavonski Brod diploma (a well preserved example)


Graffiti and stamps on pottery, amphorae and bricks

Roman Numismatic Gallery (follow link to brick stamps)

Monte Testaccio (stamps and graffiti on olive oil amphorae found in Rome; page VI, 'De vertedero a archivo') (Spanish)


Curse tablets and magical papyri

University of Michigan - 'Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity' (follow the link to events and exhibits)


Roman Britain and its northern frontiers

The links listed here represent a small subset of the online resources available for Roman Britain, selected either because they are directly relevant to the theme of the Vindolanda website or because they provide substantial resources for the study of the province. Among the sites listed are virtual museum displays, on-line articles and books and reports on archaeological fieldwork. The notes briefly indicate the contents of the different sites. A brief list of general sites for the study of the Roman world is also available at the end of this page.

Many relevant resources can be found on the web pages of museums, universities, national archaeological bodies and local and authorities (CBA), television programmes, for example 'Meet the Ancestors' and 'Time Team', individual enthusiasts and guides to visiting Cumbria, Hadrian's Wall and Roman Britain.


The Archaeological Site at Vindolanda

The Roman frontier and the Roman army - general

The Roman frontier and the Roman army- sites and online museum collections

Roman Britain - general

Roman Britain - sites and themes

Life in Roman Britain - links for teaching

The Roman World


The Archaeological Site at Vindolanda

Vindolanda Trust (home page for the archaeological site, includes regular updates of recent excavations)

BBC History (aspects of military life at Vindolanda)


The Roman frontier and the Roman army - general

Britannia (a gazetteer of Roman military sites in Britain, including glossary, reconstruction drawings and photographs)

BBC (general guide to Hadrian's Wall)

Gask Ridge (interim report on archaeological project on the Gask Ridge)

Hadrian's Wall (well-illustrated description of Roman Britain's northern frontiers and their history)

Roman army units in Britain (based on RIB)

Wallnet (Newcastle University Museum of Antiquities, follow the links to Wallnet from home page)


The Roman frontier and the Roman army- sites and online museum collections

Carrawburgh Mithraeum (a tour of the virtual version of the temple of Mithras from the fort at Carrawburgh)

Chester-le-Street (excavations of the fort)

Chester (reconstructions of buildings and defences)

Chester (excavation of amphitheatre)

Housesteads (3D reconstruction, requires Cosmo Player 2.1)

Trimontium / Newstead (excavation report )

York (brief axccount of York's Roman history)

Wroxeter (virtual tour of Roman fortress, requires Viscape )


Roman Britain - general

Archaeology Data Service (ADS) (includes CBA Research Reports on-line, reports and archives from archaeological fieldwork on Roman sites in Britain)

BBC (several resources on Roman Britain, including Hadrian's Wall and mosaics)

British Museum (the searchable Compass database includes images and descriptions of many objects from Roman Britain)

Council for British Archaeology (CBA- the fullest and most regularly updated set of links for British archaeology)

English Heritage (news and reports on archaeological projects in Britain, including Roman sites)

Internet Archaeology (scholarly journal: several issues include articles on Roman Britain)

Lacus Curtius (comprehensive listing of websites on Roman Britain)

Portable Antiquities Scheme (a searchable database of artefacts found by members of the public and reported to museums. The database includes many Roman items)

Roman Finds Group (reports on recent discoveries of well-preserved or unusual Roman artefacts)

Romans in Sussex (a very comprehensive resource presenting Roman life and culture in Sussex)


Roman Britain - sites and themes

Armamentarium (follow the links from the Newcastle University Museum of Antiquities home page to this resource on Roman arms and armour)

ASPROM (Romano-British mosaics)

Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle (Roman items in collection accessible via search of the archaeology pages)

Hunterian Museum (a virtual exhibition)

Werkzeug (tools and craft technology in the Roman provinces) (German)

Roman Baths in Britain

Silchester Roman Town - The Insula IX Town Life Project(report on Reading University excavations)

Guy de la Bedoy?re (introductions to aspects of Romano-British archaeology)


Life in Roman Britain - links for teaching


Canterbury Archaeological Trust (Roman (and Anglo-Saxon) Canterbury)

Pyrrha (introduction to aspects of Roman culture, including art, inscriptions and literature)

Reticulum - Museum of Antiquities, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (thematic guiide to the frontier)

Romans in Sussex (a resource designed for different levels of the National Curriculum in England and Wales and for continuing education students)

Roman Wroxeter (virtual fortress, requires Viscape plug-in)

Vroma (introduction to aspects of Roman life in 'Civilisation and Culture')

Wallnet (individual sites on Hadrian's Wall)


The Roman World

The sites listed here are sets of links and gateways to Roman history, archaeology and art. Some also provide substantial resources in their own right.

Argos (links for ancient and medieval worlds)

De Imperatoribus Romanis (on-line encyclopedia on Roman emperors)

Diotima (resources for the study of women and gender in the ancient world)

Humbul (links for classics and archaeology)

Interactive Ancient Mediterranean (maps of ancient world)

Internet Resources for Classics

Lacus Curtius (links and resources for Roman history and archaeology)

Romarch (links for Roman archaeology)


'Reference' (names, dates, currencyÖ)

The 'Reference' section of 'Vindolanda Tablets Online' provides more detailed information on some of the specific aspects of the tablets' content, including names, military units and ranks, dates, coinage and units of weight and measurements. These links provide more detailed introductions to these topics.

Vroma (follow teaching resources - History and Culture - Rome: Republic to Empire)

Silver Muse (follow the relevant links through the index to contents - reference and teaching materials)

Roman calendar

Virtual catalogue of Roman coins

Roman Numismatic Gallery

Bearers of meaning: the Ottilia Buerger coin collection at Lawrence University



Minimus Minimus: Starting out in Latin - a course for 7-10 year olds, introducing the Latin language and the culture of Roman Britain, illustrated by comic strips and stories. The course is based on Flavius Cerialis, commander of one of the garrions at Vindolanda, his wife Lepidina and their children, their cat Vibrissa and Minimus the mouse.


Further Reading

The Vindolanda tablets

Other documents from Roman Britain

Literacy and documents in the Roman world

Vindolanda - history and archaeology

Hadrian's Wall and Britain's northern frontiers

The Roman army in Britain

Roman Britain


The Vindolanda tablets

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Vindolanda - history and archaeology

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Hadrian's Wall and Britain's northern frontiers

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