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Tab. Vindol. II Introductory chapters

Tab. Vindol. II Category introductions

Tab. Vindol. II Abbreviations and Bibliography

Digitising Vindolanda

Tab. Vindol. II Addenda and Corrigenda

Tab. Vindol. I Introductory Chapters

The print publication and the online edition

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Welcome to ‘Tablets’, an online edition of the Vindolanda texts.


Tablets database

The tablets database provides texts, translations (English), commentaries and new, large digital images of each tablet which can be examined close-up through a ‘zooming viewer.’ To see an individual tablet, type its number in the box in the menu bar on the left of the screen and click ‘go’. To view all tablets in their published order, click the button in the same menu. Alternatively use Search and Browse to explore the database or see some highlights.


The online edition

The online edition is based on volume II of the Vindolanda tablets, which superseded volume I. However some of the content of volume I remains important and is available on this site. For those using the site for research, the relationship between the published volumes and the online edition is described in more detail.


Other resources

Other resources include introductions and supporting materials from Volume II (and volume I). The creation of digital texts and images is summarised and XML versions of the tablets are made available. Addenda and corrigenda to the Latin texts are provided, based on the new digital images. Follow the links to explore these.

Tab.Vindol. II Introductory chapters

Tab.Vindol. II Category introductions

Tab.Vindol. II Abbreviations and Bibliography

Digitising Vindolanda - Creating digital texts (plus XML versions) and images

Tab.Vindol. II Addenda and Corrigenda

Tab. Vindol. I. Introductory chapters

The print publication and the online edition

print-friendly tablet display facility - select tablets for printing.

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