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Vindolanda and its setting

Vindolanda and Rome , Excavations at Vindolanda , A guide to Vindolanda

History of Vindolanda

The conquest of northern Britain , Vindolanda and its northern context , Locations around Vindolanda , Pre-Hadrianic Vindolanda , Period 1 , Period 2 , Period 3 , Period 4 , Period 5

Forts and military life

The fort plan , Soldier's lives - military routines , Soldiers and builders , Manufacture and repair , Transport and supplies , Diet and dining


Vindolanda units and their origins , Officers and men, families and traders , The Britons

Introducing Documents

Writing tablets - forms and technology , Writing instruments and equipment , The use and formats of writing tablets , Other documents at Vindolanda , Clerks, Latin and education

Reading the tablets

Scripts at Vindolanda , Chicken scratches - reading the tablets , Transcription exercise

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