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Auxiliary units

Military ranks


Dates and events


Weights and measures

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Understanding some of the content of the Vindolanda tablets requires a knowledge of more specialised aspects of Roman life and terminology. This illustrated reference guide contains an introduction to some of these. The information can be accessed by reading the appropriate thematic element, or searching the text and images.

This guide is largely restricted to terms and information in the Vindolanda tablets and is only intended as an introduction to complex and controversial topics. Commentaries and notes on the tablets linked via the reference section provide more relevant information. Futher online information can also be found on the links page.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

Names – the elements of a Roman name

Auxiliary units – the composition of auxiliary units

Military ranks – army ranks in the Vindolanda tablets

Numerals – the representation of numbers in the tablets

Dates and events – the Roman calendar, major events in early Roman Britain

Currency – Roman coinage denominations

Weights and measures - units of capacity and weight



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