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Tab. Vindol. II Introductory Chapters

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Tab. Vindol. II Introductory chapters

The Archaeological Context

The Roman Army

The format of the tablets



Tab. Vindol. II Category introductions

Tab. Vindol. II Abbreviations and Bibliography

Digitising Vindolanda

Tab. Vindol. II Addenda and Corrigenda

Tab. Vindol. I Introductory Chapters

The print publication and the online edition

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These chapters are taken from:

Alan Bowman and David Thomas, The Vindolanda Writing Tablets (Tabulae Vindolandenses II), London: British Museum Press, 1994. They are reproduced here with the kind permission of the British Museum Press.

Chapter 1 - The Archaeological Context

The Archaelogical Context


Chapter 2 - The Roman Army

Military Units


Soldiers and Civilians



List of Persons


Chapter 3 - The Format of the Tablets

The Format of the Tablets

Chapter 4 - Palaeography

Introduction, Capital script, Cursive script

The Letter forms

Address script, Abbbreviations and Symbols, Numerals

Punctuation and Lectional signs



Users at academic institutions participating in the JSTOR project can also access online J. Adams’ article on the Latin of the Vindolanda tablets:

J. N. Adams 1995. ‘The Language of the Vindolanda Writing Tablets: An Interim Report’, Journal of Roman Studies, 85, 86-134


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