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Period 4 at Vindolanda

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Period 4 at Vindolanda

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AD 104-120

Following the demolition of the previous building and perhaps the brief abandonment of the site, the gate was blocked and the rampart made continuous in the excavated area. The main building of this period was very poorly preserved but appears to be part of a barrack block, perhaps including the wider end containing the centurion's quarters. Despite the poor preservation, this was the first period from which a dendrochronological (tree-ring) date could be derived (AD 104), although the wood may have been used at an unknown time after the tree was felled.

Soldiers of the first cohort of Tungrians (295) are mentioned in tablets excavated from deposits from this period, as are members of other units, including cavalrymen (equites Vardulli) (181) and legionary soldiers (180). The latter were perhaps temporarily posted to Vindolanda in advance of the building of Hadrian's Wall.

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