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Correspondence of Saecularis

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Correspondence of Saecularis: tablets 213-216

From Alan Bowman and David Thomas, Vindolanda: the Latin writing tablets London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 1983, pp. 187

There are two letters, both attributed to Period 2, which are addressed to Cassius Saecularis (213, 214). A third (215), which substantially preserves only the gentilicium and the first two letters of the cognomen, very probably belongs with this group. A fourth letter (216), is included in this group because it is certainly written by the same hand as 214 and its semicircular notches strongly suggest that it comes from the same batch of writing materials, if not the same letter. It should also be noted that 313, which does not preserve the name of the addressee, is written by the same hand as 213.

The warm and familiar terms in which Saecularis is addressed by a legionary aquilifer in 214 suggests that he is not of equestrian officer status (for the conjecture that he might be a half-brother of the aquilifer see A.R.Birley (1990b), 7, VRR II, 29); the concern with equipment and supplies shown in the subject-matter of the other two letters suggests that he might be an optio, a decurio or a centurion. The balance of probability would place him at Vindolanda in Period 2, but if he was of centurial or similar rank he might have been there for an extended period of time.

Correspondence of Saecularis: tablets 213-216

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