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Correspondence of Priscinus

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Correspondence of Priscinus: tablets 295-298

From Alan Bowman and David Thomas, Vindolanda: the Latin writing tablets London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 1983, pp. 266

In Tab.Vindol.I we identified four texts (I 30-33) as connected with a person named Crispinus whom we identified as a probable prefect of the First Cohort of Tungrians c. AD 105. 296 now enables us to see clearly that the correct reading of the name is Priscinus and this can be read with little difficulty in the other letters (we consider that the two persons named Crispinus in 225.1 and 2 are different people, see notes ad locc.). We have been able to identify a fragment discovered in the 1980s as probably belonging to the letter originally published as Tab.Vindol.I 31, but we now regard the attribution of Tab.Vindol.I 32 (= 520) as extremely doubtful and have consequently removed it from this section. The combination of Tab.Vindol.I 33 and 82 (now 298.b) offers us the probability that Caecilius September, known as a correspondent of Flavius Cerialis (234, 252-253), also wrote to Priscinus; another fragment, overlooked in Tab.Vindol.I, may or may not belong to the same letter (298.a). 173, an application for leave, also appears to be directed to Priscinus.

The identification of Priscinus as prefect of the First Cohort of Tungrians still rests on the evidence of 295 alone (though 173 also supports the view that he was a prefect). None of the other letters preserves enough content to add anything substantive. The archaeological context of the tablets points to Period 4, which would put Priscinus at Vindolanda after c. AD 104; the presence of his correspondence in a barrack-building would be a little surprising if he were a prefect.

See also 448.

Correspondence of Priscinus: tablets 295-298


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