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Correspondence of Lepidina

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Correspondence of Lepidina: tablets 291-294

From Alan Bowman and David Thomas, Vindolanda: the Latin writing tablets London: Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, 1983, pp. 256

Sulpicia Lepidina was the wife of Flavius Cerialis, prefect of the Ninth Cohort of Batavians, stationed at Vindolanda in Period 3. She received two letters from Claudia Severa, wife of Aelius Brocchus (291, 292), and one from a woman whose name is perhaps Paterna (294). Another scrap with a closure written in Severa's hand must also be assumed to belong to a letter to Lepidina (293). These tablets are all assigned to Period 3 but it is noteworthy that they were not found together (one in Room IV, two in Room VIA and one on the via principalis). The subject-matter of the letters is social and personal and it is notable that Claudia Severa herself writes very full and intimate closures in her own hand. The evidence for correspondence between literate women of the equestrian officer class is of no less interest than their presence itself at Vindolanda.

It should be noted that Lepidina is mentioned as an intermediary, presumably for Cerialis, in 257 and as the subject of standard greetings in letters to Cerialis (247, 274, cf. 263.ii.8 and 288). It is possible that 227 is a draft written by Cerialis for Lepidina.

Correspondence of Lepidina: tablets 291-294

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