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Some types of search are relatively straightforward, for example for tablets containing a particular name or term. There are a variety of ways for finding information on broader themes. The following example examines the types of information that might be gained on ‘transport and supply’.

Search of the titles of documents reveals only one entry, 316, referring to transport. Search of the English translations of the texts for ‘transport’ or ‘supply’ showed no results. However a search for related words, for example ‘roads’ (343), ‘carriage’ (180), ‘cart’ (309), ‘axle’ (185, 309) reveals more information. A search for words related to food, for example ‘wheat’, also indicates tablets relevant to the topic (180, 181, 191, 375). A search for the Latin translations of these words, uia, road, raeda (carriage) axis, axle and frumentum brings the same results.

Searching the text of the introduction and notes to individual tablets for ‘transport’ and ‘supply’ reveals many more potentially relevant items
‘Transport’ 180, 185, 255, 309, 314, 316
‘Supply’ 135, 180, 204, 215, 227, 233, 234, 256, 265, 294, 309, 312, 314, 321, 344
Likewise browsing the subject data for ‘Transport’, ‘Supplies’ and ‘Foodstuffs’ reveals many more results

It is best therefore to search and browse widely when looking for information on general subjects. Please note also that within the different sections of the exhibition there are links to tablets relevant to particular topics.


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